Teacup the Cat – Part Two

The story of Teacup the Dylan’s rescue cat continues!


A couple of weeks ago we told the story of the affectionate stray cat ‘Teacup’, and how she adopted the Dylan’s staff by hanging around the staff entrance, before eventually being scooped up by Rachael (one of the Dylan’s Front of House team). She was taken to the vet, and afterwards taken in and looked after by Rachael’s family. Teacup was heavily pregnant at the time, but not anymore!

(To read this story in full, see the earlier blog here)

Rachael writes: ‘there were six kittens born yesterday*. They’ve been named Dylan, Taco, Chip and Menai…’


We took suggestions for names of the other two kittens, and recieved a variety of interesting options, from ‘David and Robin’, to ‘Washington and Burger’!

All kittens are healthy, gorgeous, and doing well (as is Teacup, who has taken to motherhood very well), feeding furiously and getting stronger and bigger every day.


*Kittens are now a good four weeks old!