Teacup the Cat

Here’s a short and heart-warming story, straight from Dylan’s in Menai Bridge.

A few weeks ago, this tiny, thin yet affectionate stray turned up by the staff entrance at Dylan’s Menai Bridge.


She started hanging round in the boatyard, waiting for staff to come out on breaks or after shift, where she’d excitedly try and wheedle her way into the hearts of our chefs and Front of House team.


It worked! She became known as ‘Teacup’, and shortly afterward Rachael (one of our Front of House staff) took her to be checked out by the local vet. After a week of no-one claiming her from the veterinarian, Rachael managed to give Teacup a home with her family where she is now well fed, much healthier, and very well loved.


She is looking clean and happy and strangely a little bit round…

The roundness is the twist in this tale, a happy ending for more than just Teacup. She was carrying kittens, and mum-to-be is doing well, very contented and snug!



There’s never a dull day at Dylan’s, but there are always stories that stand out even from the usual excitement. Our praise to the team for quickly earning Teacup’s trust, and to Rachael and family for their kindness in giving her a ‘forever home’.

To be continued…